Get Auto Replay Suggestions

Social media is a great massaging hub, through which lot of massages are generated in several situations. Whatsapp/Facebook and instagram are the most famous and frequent used social app by people.

We use to send massages in lot of situation, sometimes some critical situation take place and sometimes we use to send the massages sent by us most commonly. To tackle this daily life need, an app developed which will gives you suggestions to send the massages.

“Replay App”

How this app generates massages:

This app reads your massage and gives you replay suggestions similar to your received massage. For example; if you received the massage like (hello how are you), this app will generate auto replay for you to send is (hi! I am fine).

How to download and use:

Download link of this app mentioned below.

Once you installed this app, you have to set this app for your frequent used apps in daily life by mobile phone.

After one-time settings, next time at receiving the massage it will show autosuggestions to make a smart replay without typing.

Click here to download the app: (not available on play store)