Google Launching Scanner to Detect Heart Disease

Google is the only platform which not only providing the software and technical help, but also have a “life sciences” large department, which works on different diseases in the world and correlate with computer science to help the peoples technically.

According to latest news, “life sciences” the department of Google, researches on heart diseases and find that a layer in human eye have a deep connection with heart frequently changing situations, and it through analyzing this blood layer in eye the heart problems can be discovered long time before of accidence.

Google scanner working process to detect disease:

Google working on a scanner, which perhaps would use in mobile phones, and this scanner will scan the eye and it will only analyze that particular blood layer in eye and find the problem In heart, which will attack on heart after some few months.

This one would be the best invention by Google to detect the disease before the specific time of incidence.

It is difficult to say that, this scanner will used for mobile phones or another handy scanner will designed to detect the heart diseases.

Through use of this new scanner, it would be easy for every single person to detect the disease without the help of doctor and heavy fee charged by the bio laboratories.