Recover Memory Card Data Easily

Its fact that, now using some software, we can upload our impotent data to cloud services, but huge bundle of data we also carry in memory cards. Memory cards are used in almost every mobile phone, in which we carry photos, videos, audios and document files. Sometimes accidently we delete or format this important data, but don’t worry now; we are going to discuss very powerful data recovery software, which can recover data easily from any external device, especially memory card.

Process to recover data:

  • You just need to download the software from link mentioned below
  • After installing the software in computer, you have to open it
  • Now attach your memory card with computer using card reader
  • Now open data recovery software and you will see memory card in it
  • Choose your memory card and start scanning
  • After completing the process, you have to choose the files you want to recover
  • Choose your deleted files and select the destination where you want to save recoverable data
  • At choosing the destination, data will start to recover
  • You can enjoy your deleted data again in your memory card

Note: Don’t choose the destination, from where you are going to recover data, choose another drive to save recoverable data.

Now speak and write any language

World is too fast now, people need fluency in every field due to availability of computer technology in IT field. IT technology has changed to whole working process in whole world, especially in mobile phones.

Send your location without internet

People travel in all over the world and discover the new beautiful natural places. To make a get together, and travel in a group, location sharing always plays a vital role to share the location.

Whatsapp Hidden Data Cleaner

Whatsapp is the most ever used app by public now a days. It connects the people through chatting, but lot of photos, videos and gif files sent by people to each other. These sent photos and gif files also saved in your mobile memory silently, which does not appear in gallery, and saved in whatsapp sent files info.